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Barry R McCain is a writer and genetic genealogy consultant.  He lives in Oxford, Mississippi.  

He has been traveling to Ireland and Scotland for over 35 years. He is the
editor and chief writer of The Ulster Heritage Magazine which is the online magazine of the Ulster Heritage Project.  He has published hundreds of articles and his work has appeared in The Ulster Heritage Magazine, The Highlander, Ireland's Own, and the Finn Valley Voice newspaper. His books include A Short History of the Laggan Redshanks, 1569-1630 and Finding the McCains.

Mr McCain is the administrator of the Ulster Heritage DNA Project and the Mid Argyll Kinship Project.  These successful projects use Y-chromosome DNA testing for genealogy and family history research. T he projects have also contributed to a much better understanding of the history of Ulster and Argyll.  The Ulster Project has helped many families in the Diaspora locate their relatives that remained in Ulster and Argyll.  

His work in genetic genealogy focuses on families from Ulster, the Western Highlands, the southern Hebrides, and the southwest Lowlands.

Mr McCain is available for talks and seminars on genetic genealogy and matters relating to Ulster, Scotland, and his native Southland.  

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